Founded in 2008 by Spiritually & Sput.

Mostly influenced by reggae and hiphop, they produced their first album ‘Shiva Regal’ in Wally’s garage. 1 mic, an old organ, a computer, couple guitars and even bottles were used to obtain the original ‘Wahwahsda-sound’.

In 2009 they started performing with a live band, mostly playing local gigs. Step by step they grew towards a professional live show obtaining a good reputation. In 2011 their hard work was rewarded as they won the Benelux Reggae Contest in Maastricht (NL).

In 2012 they brought the renewed version of Wahwahsda, bringing reggae and hiphop even closer towards each other on their sophomore album ‘Radio Rum’.

Sit back & relax, or dance your problems away… The choice is up to you !



Spiritually Wally : Lead Vocals + Guitar
Sput : MC
Bert Callens : Bass
Pieterjan Vranckx : Drums
Frederik Verbruggen : Keys + Backing Vocals
Jelle Foubert : Drums (Back-up)