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There is more to being an artist then a lot of people think…

We have weekly rehearsals, in other free time we clean our instruments, write scores & lyrics, try to get shows, fill in contracts, make invoices… Our cars get damaged or become too small for transporting all our precious instruments… Gear gets stolen or damaged on tour, sometimes it even affects our health… and we have to combine this with a 9 to 17 job, because our passion doesn’t pay our bills…

Still, most of the time we don’t complain because luckily we love what we do !
Personally i couldn’t live without it… The music, the stage, the backstage, the fans, the feeling…

All we ask in return : Buy our music please… we work very hard and try to sell it at a fair price of 10 € !!!
If you don’t have money, it’s ok if you don’t buy & even copy, really… But if you are working, you manage paying your bills, we would find it very unfair to not appreciate our work by copying it…

Give us the power to keep evolving, to have the budget to get into a studio, to get mastering, to press cd’s and vinyls, to buy new equipement, to not have to spend all of our personal savings…

We would appreciate it a lot, and i’m sure you’ll hear the progress we can make thanks to your support !

Thanks in advance !

Yours Sincerely




15/12 we will play an exclusive showcase at Arenbergschouwburg.


Tickets are not for sale !!!


The month prior to the event we will be giving away free tickets on our facebook page.

So become a fan and win !!!






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